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Keeping track of what you love is now easy. Introducing , a mini GPS tracker for cars, bikes, kids, pets, and everything that matters.



Equipped with double-tracking systems GPS (Global Positioning System) and LBS (Location Based Service), Device helps you monitor the accurate and real-time location of your vehicle. You can stick this magnetic micro GPS tracker on any metal surface or simply drop it in a bag. Being extremely small and light, it is very hard to spot.

So, stop worrying about losing your valuables and always stay in control with Device.

  • Low-Key Design: Device is designed for complete secrecy. You can use it for security, surveillance, tracking, and much more.

  • Remote Recording: Provided with a highly sensitive microphone to hear and capture the surrounding sound right from your smartphone.
  • Easy Setting Up: Just insert a SIM card and enable internet connection and you are good to go! There is also one SD card slot to record and save audio files.
  • Brilliant Backup: Juice up Device  with the included USB cable for faster charging. Once fully charged, it backs you up for a week, two weeks on standby.

  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade ABS, Trakizo™ ensures sturdiness and durability. Being splash-proof, it can withstand minor rains.
Instructions: To access the tracker, you need to text the respective code on the Device SIM card.
  • Send 555 to start recording
  • Send 666 to stop recording
  • Send 777 to get real-time location
  • Send 102 to get position trajectory
  • Send 445 to delete the recording
  • Send 444 to reset the device
  • Send 000 to reboot the device

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